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Charleston Marine Audio Services

Nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with an amazing sound system

Sail Hard and Party Harder with
Boat Sound Systems

Nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with an amazing sound system.

Here in Charleston we are blessed with some of the most beautiful waterways and back country in the United States. There are few things better than hitting the Charleston area waters and lounging on your boat while enjoying a beautiful sunny day, other than maybe slinging some Low Country mud in a side by side. Having an amazing sound system playing your favorite tunes while you are out soaking up the sun and mud makes these activities even better. Audio Evolutions experts can outfit your boat or powersports toy of choice with a top-notch sound system.

Fun Vehicles with Incredible Sound

Audio Evolution sound system upgrades and enhancements apply to all types of Watercraft and Power Sports vehicles. We understand the rigors of protecting electronics from rugged outdoor conditions while  maximizing sound quality.

We work on all types of brands and have extensive, solution-based experience with each model. Here are just a few of the brands with which we have experience:

    • Key West
    • Scout
    • Sea Hunt
    • Pioneer
    • Sea Craft
    • Tidewater
    • Robalo
    • Winter Custom Yachts
    • Boston Whaler
    • Chaparral
    • Can-Am
    • Honda
    • John Deere
    • Kawasaki
    • Polaris
    • Yamaha
    • Grand Banks
    • Grady White

Of course, golf carts, motorcycles, four-wheel ATVs (Quads), RVs and other personal transportation vehicles are also types of vehicles for which Audio Evolutions experts have designed and installed audio system solutions. If it floats, or moves on and off road, chances are Audio Evolution has a thoughtful solution to meet your audio system needs.

Marine Audio

Our marine electronics can transform your watercraft into a concert for relaxation, or the ultimate party cruiser. Our solutions are perfect for all types of watercraft from center console fishing boats, ski boats, speed boats, yachts, pleasure cruisers, and more. With our marine audio electronics and professional installation, you get all the quality of a cutting edge car audio system with the marinization required for longevity in the harsh saltwater environment.

High-Efficiency Speakers

Since speakers deliver the sound, it’s important they be up to the weather and outdoor use, but also important they are high efficiency to maximize output in the open air. Sound in boats and UTVs differs from home and car applications as they are projecting in an open space. This combined with noise from the elements make utilizing high efficiency speaker imperitave to system design. Audio Evolution is well versed at system design utilizing proper speaker placement while keeping over all aesthetics and function ability in mind.

Marine Lighting

Audio Evolution offers a great selection of marine and powersports lighting for nearly any application. Our LED lights are durable and provide low power consumption. LEDs are the best solution for your lighting needs. They are perfect for cabin lighting, night time fishing, underwater lights, work lights, safety, or if you simply want to make yourself stand out.

Since LEDs run on very low power, this results in low battery drain. Not to mention they look fantastic cosmetically. So why worry about heading back to the dock or marina at sunset? Keep the good times going with our wide selection of marine lighting solutions.


IPX Rated Products

Many of the products recommended and offered by Audio Evolution have the highest IPX water intrusion resistance ratings to ensure continued operation even in the presence of splashes and ambient moisture. The higher the IPX rating, the more intense of water intrusion the electronics or speakers can handle. Most of the products recommended in Power Sports Audio installations are IPX-5 rated or higher, which is described as:

An IPX-5 rating indicates the device is protected against water intrusion from a test where water jets are projected at all angles from a distance of 3 meters through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters per minute and at a pressure of 30kN/m2 for a period of 3 minutes. This simulates fairly robust water splashing and exposure.

Smart Power Solutions

One cornerstone of Audio Evolution system designs for Marine and Power Sports Audio is a smarter way of thinking when it comes to amplifier power that drives speakers in the sound system. Wherever possible, the expert Audio Evolution audio system designers look to utilize amplifiers with incredible efficiency as well as rugged construction to complement the marine and outdoor environments. By maximizing amplifier efficiency, the length of play time on the sound system increases. Another way to think about is that the burden on the charging system also decreases because the electronics are operating most efficiently at acceptable current draw levels.

Secondary Power

When necessary and for extended engine-off playing time, Audio Evolution also installs secondary battery power systems that allow for hours and hours of key-off listening time around the campsite or work area. This allows the audio system to be completely independent of the other electronics and you can play the sound system as much as you like without compromising starting the engine hours later.

Variety of Sources

Audio Evolution can install an aftermarket head unit to be the audio source for your Watercraft or UTV, but also have Bluetooth-based solutions that let you stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. This can be an especially helpful way to keep precious electronics tucked safely away while still enjoying all your digital audio files.

Equipping your Marine & UTV/ATV Needs