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Charleston Home Theater Audio

Wireless Music EVERYWHERE

Live Your Life to a Soundtrack Every Day

Enjoy your favorite music — in every room of your house — with the magic of “distribution.” Audio distribution solutions by Audio Evolution put your entire music collection and favorite streaming services at your command from any room in the house. It’s about enjoying the entertainment you want, where you want it.

When it comes to entertaining, it’s usually the little things that make a big impact. With an audio distribution system designed and installed by Audio Evolution, you can access all of your favorite music, without having to clutter your home with more boxes and wires. With easy-to-use controls, the system is easy for anyone in your household to use.

Stream music from your phone throughout the house. Audio distribution systems installed by Audio Evolution enable seamless room-to-room music integration. Tap into the music on your smartphone, tablet or computer and enjoy your music anywhere in your home. Fill the entire house with music or stream it to just one room.

Stream high-fidelity sound to every room in the house. As part your audio distribution system, enjoy access to millions of songs and thousands of artists through popular streaming music services—such as Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, Deezer, Rhapsody, TuneIn, and iTunes—without the need for additional gear. Showcase beautiful cover art, along with artist and track information, on your mobile device, touch screen or TV.

Control4 amplifiers, audio and video matrix switches, system remotes and the Wireless Music Bridge deliver exceptional entertainment experiences in your home. Control4 integrates with leading brands such as Sonos, AppleTV, Roku and so much more, ensuring your automation system works with the products you already have and love. Enjoy seamless integration of music and video to all the zones of your home.

With unprecedented control over your audio, Control4 technology will change the way you listen to music—forever. The intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to browse through your music collection and play any song you want, at any volume, in any room in the house. The Control4 Wireless Music Bridge recognizes music on your devices automatically. Access playlists, Internet radio and your music from any room, any time. It’s better living—automatically.