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Charleston Emergency and Scene Lighting

Need Quality, Reliable Products That Can Withstand Any Environtment

Quality emergency lighting can mean the difference between life and death, not only for the operators of emergency vehicles, but for the people they are trying to help as well as other motorists on the road. This is why it is vitally important that emergency lights on vehicles are reliable, functional, and well-constructed. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which will be the best for your vehicle.

There are many emergency vehicle lights to consider when you’re ready to buy your first one or when you want to add a new one to your existing light setup. So how do you decide? What should be considered first? Do you have a fixed amount that you can spend? Are you a volunteer or a professional? Do you want the lights hidden or mounted in plain view? Is the light for the interior or exterior, for the surface, grille, roof, headlight where? Do you need it to direct traffic, or to move traffic out of the way? Do you want a focused beam of light or a spotlight; do you want a broader span of light or a full 180°? Do you need a light that includes a takedown light? Yes, you might say there are a lot of considerations when you’re ready to buy an emergency light.

How Do you Choose the Right Lights?

  1. 1. Consider the type of vehicle.  Is it a patrol car or pursuit vehicle?  Is it used for undercover work or is it a K-9 carrying unit? Is it a large SUV or pick-up or a liaison vehicle?

    2. Do you want the lights mounted permanently or does the department want to be able to move the lights the from vehicle to vehicle, using the new acquisitions to the maximum degree?

    3. Where are the new emergency lights to be mounted? If you want a 360° circle of high intensity flashing light from the roof of your vehicle, think light bar. If you don’t want the lights to be seen, there are Hideaways.

    4. How much does the department want to invest in new emergency light setups? Audio Evolution has a wide, wide range of products from Feniex, all at the best prices around. You’ll find the right light that fits your budget among our many products.